You don’t stay in business for 30 years unless you are doing something right. Despite the many changes Telephone Pub has seen over these 30 years, it has always kept its own recipe: fun, informality, yummy food and affordable drinks. Because of its magic, Telephone Pub has become locally and internationally recognized as the oldest AND the best Gay Pub & meeting place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Indeed, we are the center -the heart- of social gay life for locals and visitors alike.

Come to Telephone Pub any night and you’ll meet people from all walks of life, countries, age and sexual persuasions. Our customers come from everywhere. On your left will be someone from Germany, on the right an Italian, across the room an American talking to an Australian who is in the company of someone from France, an African man walks in as well as our regulars from Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong…. And, of course, Thais.

This is why they all come to Telephone Pub; to meet and enjoy. When it comes to food we prepare the best of Thai gastronomy as well as a large selection of Western dishes for your enjoyment. A well set-up modern kitchen, conforming to the highest international health standards, allows us to “deliver” each night, no matter how busy, from 6 pm until 1:00 am or later.

At the heart of Telephone magic is the team. We work very hard and we know you can’t run a successful establishment without efficient and friendly staff. We’re always happy to joke, socialize and make YOU feel that you are the most important person in the Pub. Giggling, nonsense, flirting and fun are all part of our friendly character and after a couple of visits you will realize we remember you. This is all part of the special charm. A friendly greeting as you enter and a lovely smile goes with the service. While every night is special at Telephone Pub we also regularly have special event nights of fun. Just go to our website events page to see what is planned for you this month.

Being an “icon” comes with responsibilities. At Telephone Pub we take pride at being absolutely nondiscriminatory and we support various gay causes and charities. Should you be interested in our involvements you will find relevant links on the “friends of Telephone Pub” page.

To the staff and management of Telephone Pub the customer is the most important part of the business. This is what service is all about and it is why for over 30 years people are meeting here. See you at Telephone Pub!